Katherine is the co-founder, teacher, composer and choreographer of the European Samba Reggae project Ilu Axé.

With a professional background in classical percussion and dance, a visit to Salvador launched a life-long passion and career in Brazilian music and dance. She launched Ilu Axé with Jon Hardeman in 2006 and specialised in arranging the music and dance of Candomblé for the bloco afro, creating
original music and complex choreographies for drums, voice , horns and dance. Katherine launched Ilu Axé in France in 2012 along with the arts organisation Kaia Arts.

Katherine also performs and teaches Body Music and created ‘Body Jam’, a unique style and pedagogy for teaching rhythm. She recorded on the platinum-selling disk Music Hole, by the French artist Camille.

Katherine has taught and written music for the groups Muleketu (Paris), Tambores da Liberdade (Marseille), Batuca’Ados (Paris), and Bristol Samba. She has studied and played with Dida and Neguinho do Samba (Salvador), Afoxe Yle d’Egba (Recifé), Barbatuques (Sao Paulo), Swing do Pelo (Salvador) and Maracatu Estrela do Norte.

Katherine lives in the South of France and works Europe-wide.

www.iluaxe.com www.iluaxe.fr www.kaia-arts.com