For years, I’d seen Samba Galez shaking their stuff on the streets of Cardiff and perking up the days of grey and weary shoppers. After seeing them perform a storming set after the ’99 France-New Zealand Rugby World Cup final, they always held a special place in my heart. When planning our wedding, my (now) husband and I knew we wanted to create a surprise for a guests that would really get the party started – and I looked no further than Samba Galez.

Right from the start, the band were taken with the idea of performing at a wedding, and truly got involved. Our wedding was to take place at the National Museum of Wales, so it all seemed fitting – given that the band are a national treasure themselves. They worked collaboratively with us and subtly eeked out exactly what we wanted, taking the time out for reccies and conversations about our mad idea, and helping us to build our vision. They didn’t mind me sitting in on sessions to have a listen, or taking calls at weird times of the day about ‘where exactly to stand’. What really set Paul and Zoe apart was that they greeted Ben and I with a level of enthusiasm that matched our own! Planning it with them was all part of the fun.

On the day, they delivered 200%, with band members even turning up with wedding hats and party regalia. Even our oldest guests were up and rocking. On both a personal and a professional level, I recommend Samba Galez with my whole heart. If you want an event that doesn’t feel too corporate or stuffy, give them a call. Thank you, Samba Galez, for bringing our idea to life and truly making our wedding.

Joanna Burhill

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