Dancer, singer, choreographer, percussionist and band leader – Sallie has been teaching and leading performance groups for over 20 years.

She began teaching dance at the age of 16 and by 19 had co-founded her first contemporary dance company. In 1994 she discovered Brazilian Dance and Percussion and soon established herself as a community dance leader: teaching, performing, running projects and collaborating with many other respected percussionists and dancers throughout the UK. Delving into Afro-Brazilian percussion, dance and song has enabled Sallie to draw more extensively on these Brazilian traditions – studying, performing and passing them on to new audiences.

Sallie soon became known for her ability to blend traditional Brazilian and African dance forms to create a unique street style for each group she worked with. Her ’03-’08 project En Masse demonstrated this, presenting high energy world music, song and dance for the stage; drawing influences from Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, West and South Africa.

Sallie is currently resident choreographer for Samba Galêz, musical director for SWICA’s Carnival Crew and Artistic director of En Masse. When she’s not doing that, she can be found delivering whole class music tuition in schools for Cardiff Council’s Music Development Team.