Raz is a professional percussionist and tutor who has specialised in Brazilian and Cuban percussion for over 20 years.

He has made several research / study trips to Cuba and Brazil and has worked with many UK & international artists including Amelia Pedroso, Arturo Martinez, Santiago Garzon Rill & Leonardo Pancha Clara (members of Clave y Guaguanco), Marta Gallaraga, Reynaldo Lopez, LaTimbala, Murah Soares & Dudu Tucci.

Raz performs and teaches on a wide range of percussion instruments played in a variety of traditional, carnival, popular and modern music styles.

In 1996, Raz founded One Voice Music, an organisation that provides education and training in Brazilian and Cuban percussion through residential modular courses and one-off weekend workshops.

As a teacher, Raz has led a number of percussion workshops throughout the UK and in several other parts of the world. UK-based percussion groups regularly invite me to present workshops that specifically meet their needs. Content for these workshops mostly combines technical development with the learning of new material that can include my own creative percussion arrangements. I am also often asked to advise groups on developing their existing repertoire.

In 2006, Raz won a UK National Training Award, being judged as showing exceptional achievement through training and development. Raz was presented with the highest level of award. The NTA is the UK’s premier accolade for training and development and this award recognises Raz’ own personal learning journey in percussion and the impact this has had on his own life and on individuals and organisations through the tuition he offers.