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Sun, Oct 2nd, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Details

We have been invited to help the Cardiff Half Marathon runners by playing along their course.

I have now received MORE INFORMAATION regarding this gig as follows:

We will be performing on the Penarth end of the Cardiff Barrage. A Course entertainment sheet will be sent out.

We will be playing from – roughly – 10am until 11.45am [with breaks of course]

There are many road closures which may make it difficult to access the site. A map of the road closures will be sent out.

There are some car parking spaces at the Barrage but these are limited. In order to access the car parking on the barrage you would have to arrive before 9.00am.

On reaching Penarth, if you have no booked car parking space, you should be able to park in the streets above the access road to the Barrage. [Paget Rd/Terrace and the surrounding streets].

Please let me know asap if you need a parking space i.e. difficulty in walking or big drum/instrument.