Michael is a percussionist, instrumentalist and composer from the Netherlands.

Michael studied at the Conservatory in Rotterdam and has travelled to study with master drummers in Cuba (J.Pelladito, Changuito, R. Vizcaino), Senegal (Ali N’Djaye Rose, Madouchele), Gambia and Brazil. In 2003, he travelled to study in Olinda, Recife and Salvador de Bahia. In 2007, he studied with several mestres in Rio de Janeiro.

Since 1988, he has taught all over the Netherlands and delivered workshops to foundations (including St. Buitenkunst, Mundial Festival and St. Victorie), major companies and samba groups in Holland and Germany (including Outra Vez, Obras and Sambanale).

As a freelancer, Michael has collaborated with Lee Towers, Hang on to your Hat big band and Einar Been. He has played in Brazilian bands (Estrela Dalva, Amazonia, Azul), with Boi Akih and with many Cuban Salsa bands (including Charanga la Comparsa, Moquito, Fruta Bomba). Michael has played in, and written compositions for, Cuban formation Rumbambola for more than 25 years. He currently plays in Azul, playing the compositions of Milton Nascimento.

In 1994, Michael founded the Brazilian samba school Sambalanco. Michael leads the school, who have performed in Kopenhagen, Paris, Belgium, Germany and the Olympic Stadion in Amsterdam. They have also recorded 2 CDs and 1 DVD.

He has translated a suite of Brazilian poems to music for his own sold-out CD, Fora de Hora and toured Dutch theatres with the group of the same name.

He has written 13 compositions for publishers Thieme/Meulenhoff for two projects for children: Moet je Doen and Groet en ontmoet and has composed rhythms for Beatlife, a project to teach Brazilian rhythms to young Dutch children. Michael also recorded these lessons on video, teaching as Dr. Beat.

In 2011, Michael started his own YouTube channel, passing on his knowledge of Brazilian and Cuban percussion, rhythms and instruments. Today, his channel has over ten thousand subscribers from all over the world.