Dear all,

We recently moved hosting for the web site… Hopefully you should not notice any problems, and may even see some improvements!

It would be great, for example, if it fixed our email problems…

Please let Stef know of any changes, good or bad, that you see…


A new group has been created for those of you having problems receiving emails. There are some instructions given for some things you can try, but if you are still having trouble, please join the group.

Of course, you might not receive the group emails, but at least there’s somewhere that you can check for possible solutions…


Kim has requested a new group for all those travelling to France this summer.

If you’re going, please request to join the group ASAP so that you don’t miss out on any emails.

It’s taken a lot longer than originally intended, but the web site is finally up and running. You should now be able to do all the stuff that you could do in the members area, but with a shinier public-facing site to do it on.

So why did it take so long?

Mainly because the ticklist and email parts of the site had to be written from scratch – trying to replicate what George had done in the member’s area but in a completely different system. And because Macsen.

Why doesn’t it do (insert thing you would like it to do here)?

Probably because it hasn’t been written yet. I plan to keep adding things in future, so it might be on the list of things to do. If you have any ideas for improving the site, please get in touch using the form on the web-help page