Events are the main component of the web-site. They let the public know what we’re doing, where and when.

It’s important that all events are entered correctly so that they display consistently on the site, but also so that we can give the public a taste of what’s on offer, while also giving band members the right information for meeting up and performing.

To enter event details, you must have the role of samba_administrator on the site. (You will have been told if this is the case, but you can check your profile or the members directory to be sure).

In the admin section of the site, choose Events > Add New and fill the fields in.

In the order the appear by default:


This should  just be the title of the event. Do NOT include the date, and only include the location name if it is necessary to differentiate the event.

Main Content:

This is what the public will see, so make sure it is

  • spelled correctly
  • accurate
  • succinct

You can often copy the event blurb from the website of whoever is running the event, or their Facebook Event page, so do this, but obviously double-check for grammar and spelling.


The location of the event. Again, please be accurate – the last thing we want is band members or the public having a go at us because they went to the wrong place. Notice that as you enter text into the Location Name, the field will start auto-completing. If the location you want is listed, then use that so that we don’t have duplicate locations being created.

However, if you are entering a new location, please enter the address as accurately as you can. Note that as you enter information, the Google Map will auto-update with its best guess. Once all the info is entered, make sure the map pointer is in the correct place, and if not, simply drag it to the right place. The new location will then be added to the list of locations, and the event will be linked to it.


This will only occasionally be used, possibly for Access Courses or Jollies, but can probably be ignored for now (as it also hasn’t been tested in earnest).

Info for Band Members:

This is where you add instructions for band members only, ie, stuff that the public SHOULD NOT see. This info will display for sambistas when they are logged into the site.

Discussion / Author / Attributes:

You can ignore these fields.

RSVP Request:

If you check this box, an automatic email will be sent out to band members for the ticklist. If an RSVP has been sent previously, the date of this will be shown, with the option to send another email if necessary. Only send follow-on RSVPs if it is urgent, ie, something has changed significantly.

NOTE: If you do send another RSVP request, any responses already received will be reset to ‘maybe’.


The time and date of the event. This should be the time for the PUBLIC event. Please save any other info about timing for the Info for Band Members section.


This is where you will save the event when you’ve finished filling it in, but there is more stuff to fill in first…

Event Tags:

You can ignore this field as tags are not used for events.

Event Categories:

Another important one. You’ll notice these are in two groups, Public Events and Private Events. Please choose ONLY ONE category from the sub-categories, ie, do NOT choose ‘Private Events’ or ‘Public Events’. The choice of category will govern where the event will show. Please ensure that Gig Enquiries are unchecked as Gig Enquiries when they are confirmed and a new category assigned.

Featured Image:

Choose ‘Set featured image’ to add the main event image. Try and find the best picture you can, ideally from the event promoter’s site, and use as high quality as you can find (as long as it’s not over 2MB). Ideally, landscape format is preferable.

Group ownership:

You can ignore this field.

That’s it. You’re done. It’s probably a good idea to preview the event after you’ve completed it, to make sure it displays nicely before publishing it fully. Any problems, please contact Stef.

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