If your role is samba_editor or samba_admin, you have the ability to add (or edit) content on the web-site. The way you do this will depend slightly on exactly what content you want to edit.

WordPress has two main types of content, known as ‘posts’ and ‘pages’.

Pages are probably the most straightforward in that they are exactly what they sound like – static pages with text and images on. The site currently has two public pages, ‘Join’ and ‘Book Us’. To edit these, go to the page in question, and choose the ‘Edit Page’ link at the very top of the screen. Alternatively, from the backend of the site (when you click on the home icon at the top of the screen), you can choose ‘Pages’ and then find the one in question.

Posts, on the other hand, are more like individual articles in a series of similar articles. There is one key difference that governs where posts display and this is the category that is assigned to them. The current categories, and where they display is shown below:

  • About Us – these show as individual entries on the ‘About’ page (all articles are listed in sequence)
  • Band News – this shows in the ‘Band News’ section on the member dashboard (only the most recent article is shown)
  • News – this shows in the ‘Old News’ section.
    • Homepage – this is for news articles that should display on the homepage (only one a a time)
  • Testimonials – these are all the ‘What People Say’ quotes, shown on the homepage and the About Us sidebar
  • Web Help – for the web help section.

To edit an existing post, you can often choose the ‘Edit post’ link at the top of the page or within the post itself. To add a new post, hover over the +New link in the top menu and choose post.

Be aware that unless a post is categorised, it will not display anywhere, (which is why there may well be a number of posts which you can see in the back-end but which don’t display in the front).

Finally, the Events on the site are also a type of post, but there’s a separate web-help post on how to edit those – please read it carefully 🙂

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