You could join Samba Galêz
You could join Samba Galêz


Limber up for


a chance to


learn samba



Samba Galêz, Cardiff’s community Samba band, are planning this year’s dance intro course.This is a chance for everyone to have a go at learning the dances that the Samba Galêz dance group perform alongside the band.This isn’t the stereotypical Brazilian carnival dance with bikinis, sequins and feathers, so is not restricted to professional dancers.

Starting on Saturday, May 3, and running for eight weeks, the Samba Galêz Dance fuses Afro-Brazilian dance styles with funky street-carnival dance emphasising the music of the band – traditional, contemporary, unique and down-right exciting! The dancers rehearse and perform with the band, all of whom are non-professional lovers of rhythm and dance, learning and sharing in one of the most exciting and accessible art forms around.

Some of the styles of dance you can expect to learn include samba, samba reggae, afoxe, maracatu and dances of the Orishas, all blended with a unique street funk and a West African twist.The course is led by the band’s resident choreographer, with over 20 years’ experience leading community projects throughout the UK.

The group perform with the band at a variety of events throughout the year, including carnivals, festivals, clubs and busking in Cardiff City Centre.

Anyone completing the course will be invited to join the group and become a member of the band as a whole.

Running for eight weeks from May 3, the course costs £35. For more information log on to

Published in the South Wales Echo, May 24 2014

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