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Sat, Jul 15th, 2017
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Thornhill, Cardiff

Event Details

Hi all

I am pleased to say we have been asked to perform on the BBC daytime programme “Street Auction” on Saturday 15th July in Thornhill, Cardiff.

It will be straight after band practice and we will open the event at 1.30pm for about 20 minutes, to bring lots of carnival cheer and atmosphere. The event will be filmed so there is a possibility we will get a brief moment of fame to boot! The Director has been shown videos of our performances and they are super excited to have us!

There is a possibility of a second set before 3.30pm as well, this is to be  Confirmed.


Please can you tick your availability asap as there isn’t much time to turn this around.


For those of you who don’t the programme, here is some details:

BBC1 daytime programme Street Auction is coming to Thornhill in Cardiff .  We are looking for performers to be part of a Street Fair, being held to raise money so that we can buy a gift, treat or trip for a secret person in the community who has been doing good work locally, giving their time to improve the lives of others. The Street Auction will be held on the green space up the road from Thornhill Primary School, locally known as ‘Lumpy Bumpy’ on the 15th July from 1.30pm – 4.30pm and the day will have a summer fair feel to it.

The day itself is always lovely and well attended; we open at 1.30pm with stalls and local acts performing until 3.30pm when Paul Martin, presenter of Flog It! auctions off a variety of items that have been donated. Finally the money is counted, and the person who all the hard work has been for is revealed – a lovely moment since these people are very selfless and never expect that they will be the recipient.

Many thanks Sam x